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            Dome Magnifier
            Low Vision Glasses
            Hand Magnifier
            Hand LED Magnifier
            Folding Magnifier
            Stand Magnifier
            Head Magnifier
            Hand Free Magnifier
            Glasses Magnifier
            Clip/ Holding Screw Magnif…
            Helping Third Magnifier
            Bar Magnifier
            Monocular magnifier
            Portable magnifier
            Loupe Magnifier
            About Us  


            BIJIA is a famous brand and top 3 in China market, it meets the standard of ISO9001:2014 and CE, FDA. 

            Since 2013, BIJIA started to explore the worldmarket.

            And our products have been exported to America, Austria, Canada, United Kingdom,South Africa, Israel, France, Germany, South Korea, Brazil, India… and more than 30 countries, and made a good reputation with the world’s customers.

            BIJIA Optics Technics office located in the Capital of Beijing, and the manufacture base located in the South of China. Beijing Golden Eagle Out-Door & OpticsCo., Ltd is a sells sub branch who in charge of the brand and products propaganda in the North of China and world sells.

            BIJIA precision worthy of its production technology and excellent quality has become China's premier and the world famous brand optical telescopes important OEM production base.

            Sinceits establishment has all honors rigorous field examination authority has obtained ISO9001, CE, ROHS, FDA certifications, and TUV and SGS international certification of quality assurance. BIJIA product test reports, more than have independent intellectual property patent.






            Skype: steven15899

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